A. Galland shows 12 Roses in 1917

I had to have this.  I bought it at a great little shop de Villeroy in Coolamon.  There was a tray full of silver medallions. I just loved the details and the inscription on this one the most.  A silver medallion was presented the A. GALLAND in Jan. 1917 as the 2nd prize for 12 Roses at DHS.  District Horticultural Show?  Any ideas?  I've searched the National Library online and I found one Armand Galland living in Brisbane who passed away in 1923 so maybe he or his wife Cladie was the recipient of the medal.  I also found a little article about E. Galland who won a prize for roses at a flower show in Brisbane in February 1930, so I think I might be on the right track.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter who was the original recipient, I am going to have it cleaned and polished and you'll probably see me wearing it very soon.  An nice little piece of Australian history.  

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Lea said...

What a treasure! It's absolutely beautiful and a wonderful prize too..imagine. Sure beats a ribbon doesn't it.