So happy to be home

I've started to sew again,,........that's a good sign.

Spring is coming and my garden is starting to burst out with it's fresh coat of green.

It's been a bit neglected this year, I've been away for 7 months.

Our wood pile is still there, Darling Daughter just couldn't be bothered lighting the woodfire.  I love my woodfire and I have lit it a few times since I've been back and it makes our home so cozy and homely.


A cheery little mosaic catching a bit of morning sun.

Our family sculpture from the year 2000, hand prints carved in stone...............a family lasts forever.


Most of the potted plants have survived with very little TLC.

I think I could go into business selling Grandfathers Beard, it just thrives in our silver birch trees and on our fences.

Finished my Malabrigo Finito scarf from Jellywares, my first fine crochet project reading a real pattern and I did it!  Such a shame the weather has been way too warm to wear it.

The local possums still visit and they're enjoying feasting on the bottlebrush flowers at the moment and I hear them bouncing around on our tin roof at night so they can get to our strawberry patch out the back.

I finished the binding on the latest baby quilt for the shop and thoroughly enjoyed stitching these little wooden cross stitch pendants yesterday.

Not much in the vege patch yet but the asparagus is thriving.

I'm back living in our coast house and I start work again tomorrow at our local fabric store and I can't wait, Steph's is a very inspiring shop, mightn't be good for my pay packet!  Also going back to my nursing work at the local day surgery in a few weeks, a bit nervous about that, had too long away from clinical nursing but I'm sure they will be kind to me and I will find my feet very quickly.  

So good to be home and you can look forward to more regular posting once again.  It has just taken me a while to sort myself out and even feel like taking photos and to think about blogging.  I'm sorry for the long break since my last post but I just needed a bit of me time.  


Susan said...

This post has such a positive tone. You obviously love your home and work on the coast. I hope the changes work out......and how lucky are you to work in a fabric shop!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Welcome back Lisa! Great post about being Home again...enjoy Steph's when you go back...and yes you could go into business with that Grandfather's Beard...I never knew it was called that!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I can hear the relief in your "voice".

Your beach yard is lovely!

Glad you are back where your heart says you should be.

Heather said...

We did a road trip through the centre of Australia and were away from the coast for about 4 weeks. I remember seeing the coast in Darwin and realizing how much I missed it. It makes me happy. 7mths is way too long to be away. Welcome home.xx

FIONA said...

Welcome HOME! Glad u are happy now! What happened with Marks job out there?