So good to be surrounded by so much inspiration

How could I not be happy returning to work at Steph's in Moruya yesterday.  I had worked for Steph for almost 10 years when I left to return to my former life as a Registered Nurse almost 4 years ago.  I have to admit it was a bit daunting getting behind the counter with a black apron on ready to greet the customers and help with their shopping whenever  and wherever I could.  When I returned to nursing I just never made time to be terribly creative so I am a bit rusty when it comes to all things creative but somehow it must be a bit like riding a bike, it just came back to me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself for 4 1/2 hours that simply flew by.  

For those who know me they will know why I featured this quilt above.  It's made from Kaffe Fassett fabrics and made by the very talented Cheryl who has worked at Steph's for many years and she's fabulous at getting the colours just right.  I wish these photos would do justice to this shop and quilts but indoor photos without flash are always a bit washed out.  This quilt is simply stunning IRL.  

If you haven't visited this shop then you are truly missing out.  It's a 'to do' on any Australian or visiting sewer to pop in with an hour or so to spare and I'm certain you won't leave disappointed.

Fabulous hand screen printed Ink & Spindle fabrics and kits.  

A profusion of gorgeous coloured quilt making fabrics and so many patterns to choose from.  There is a very big point of difference with this shop, there are so many pattern samples made in-store to inspire and assist you in choosing your next creative project.  In my humble opinion there is nothing worse than a fabric store with loads of fabrics and no samples to get you motivated and it also says to me that no-one at the shop can actually sew.  Not so at Steph's, every single person who works there can sew beautifully and they all makes quilts of the highest standard and love nothing more than designing their own amazing projects.  So ask away, everyone can help you with great advice which will boost your confidence no matter what level of sewer you are.  

I really love the look of this simple quilt design, and soft dove grey makes a wonderful neutral to tie it all together.  You can buy the pattern or attend a workshop if you need guidance to get you started.

Love this contemporary quilt and the machine quilting is absolutely sensational.  I really feel I'd like to give this one a go myself.

So many little projects if you just don't have the time or space to be working on a quilt. Summer sewing for little people and ladies who are preparing for frock wearing this summer.

I haven't managed to retain the names of the newest ranges of fabrics just yet but this one was stunning and would work so well for summer skirts and dresses, really soft and drapey pure cotton.  

When you walk in the door you will just exhale and then start to breath it all in, it's a truly wonderful shop for anyone who loves to sew, embroider, quilt,  knit or crochet. The latest newsletter is hot off the presses so check out the upcoming workshops you never know what might be waiting for you, a new craft and most probably new friends too.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, fresh looking shop. Everything is so tidy!

Inspiration everywhere!

Susan said...

It's a beautiful shop Lisa. I would spend all my pay before I went home from work!