A reminder of our coast home and family

A bit torturous for me but they look beautiful in Dear Husbands tiny freshly painted windowless office in the subterranean level of the local hospital.  He asked for some photos of our beach and kids to brighten up his four white walls.  These have done the trick and they get a lot of comments from his country living staff.  Mostly "why are you out here".

We both miss our coast home but it is there waiting for us whenever we get the urge to drive 500km and put our toes in the salt water.  We both miss our young adult kids being in our home with us but we really enjoy the times we have together more than ever now.  Life will never be the same but it's still good, just different and we realise how lucky we were to raise our kids beside the seaside in a sleepy coastal village. 

I can feel a coast visit coming up in the next few weeks.  Winter is nearly over, time to enjoy all that coastal living has to offer...............kayaking, beach walking, exploring rock pools, checking out the high tide line finds, fresh healthy air...................can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Our son has moved close to the beach, but funny thing, I don't think he really likes the ocean. I never used to, but I do now. I like watching the waves crash in.