I want to paint with watercolours................like this!

Where do I start?

I have had lots of hobbies and interests over the years but I have always wondered if I can draw or paint.  I haven't had a go at either since I was 14 at high school art class.  I wasn't allowed to continue with art as an elective subject at high school so that was the end of drawing and painting for me.  

I borrowed 3 books from our local library and this one Light and Movement in Watercolour by artist Jake Winkle is my favourite.  I really like his bold and loose style.  It prompted me to head out and buy a small pad of watercolour paper, some cheap brushes and a palette of watercolour paints.  I've had one play.  I don't have a lead pencil in the house but that can be remedied and then I'll start sketching and see where it leads.  

My very talented aunt, Jenny Newbound has also inspired me over the years, maybe I'll have to attend some of her classes at her new studio in Wagga Wagga to get the basics sorted.  She delivered some new artworks to our shop on Saturday and there were a few watercolours and I got them down off the walls yesterday and had a good look at how she has created them.  They look so effortless, if only it was so easy!

I have also been prompted by Hidemi to give sketching a go, if only I could produce sketches like she does.  She sent through two more of Miss Ruby that she has completed over the weekend, just so life like.  

How does one begin with a completely new hobby?  Any tips? 

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Anonymous said...

Just jump right in. You've already made a good start. You have paint, paper and a target rich environment.

Love the painting of the foxgloves (digitalis).