My pets give me so much joy and love

My Miss Ruby who is 5 this month.

 She just loves to be near you.

Can they get any closer.........hardly anywhere to put my feet!

Crochet assistant.

Spoilt pets!

She loves her cat, the feeling is mutual.  Annie is 14.

Too HOT!!!

My view most evenings!

Ruby loves to travel anywhere, even to the vet!

They nap together always.

Are you trying to read?  Am I in the way?

She's a lover!

Cozy up in our feather bed.

I was just emptying my iPod of 325 photos and the majority are pet photos, not high quality but a good way to capture the everyday moments with pets.  I don't think I could ever be without a pet.

For this reason I am so happy a blogging friend in Tasmania has finally given in to her boys and they got a little chocolate girl this week.  Lisa has endured tragedies only months apart, first she lost one of her four sons and then only a few months later her 39 year old husband passed away suddenly.  I have read The Kings blog for a few years now and she is one inspiring woman and it always makes me feel so grateful for my good life when I read what she is going through raising her family through all this sadness.  Their new little Milly will help all of them I'm sure, dogs have a way of just knowing how you are feeling and they just love you.  Visit Lisa's blog and meet her and her great family.

My sister also got a new puppy last Saturday, she is an 8 week old Jack Russell, possibly named Audrey???  She's so cute, can't wait to meet her very soon.  If you visit our shop Kindrawares in Coolamon you might get to see her too!

I've also made a new friend Hidemi on twitter @jett_hatchi, she a wonderful Japanese lady living in Sydney who is also a passionate pet owner.  She is also a very talented artist who is participating in a #DrawingAugust and her are some sketches of her dog Jett. She has very kindly offered to try and sketch my Miss Ruby, very tedious I'm sure with all the spots. 

UPDATE - Hidemi has just tweeted this great likeness of my Miss Ruby on Twitter.  I only wish I could sketch like she does, she is great, she hasn't even met Ruby but she has captured her beautifully. 

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Anonymous said...

The sketch of Ruby is perfect!

Such a sweet pup you have. I have a friend here in Florida that breeds dalmations. That is a house FULL of energy! I don't think I've ever seen here pups asleep. LOL