Shear Outback in Hay, NSW

This is an amazing photo showing how sheep naturally run in circles when in a mob, very useful info when designing sheep yards which you can see in the next photo.

I thought these corrigated iron sheep were just great, would love some in my own backyard.

Inside an original Murray Downs Woolshed  re-located from Victoria, the next victim is looking a bit worried........

........and rightly so, it's bit undignified being sheared.

Almost the middle of winter!

Lovely clean wool underneath, great lanolin smell.

Great old basket full of wool ready for pressing into a bale.

Where the bales get stencilled with the property name.

A view back to the main Shear Outback building, really good outback architecture, lots of shade and ventilation to catch a breeze.

Original woolshed gates, very agricultural manufacturing..............use what you can find at hand!

This outback garden was thriving and looks fabulous, ideas for our own out west garden.

The double gates were massive, great design feature including a pair of hand shears on each.  Found this photo on because I forgot to take a photo of my own.

We visited the town of Hay last weekend and I loved it.  If you know the A. B. "Banjo" Patterson poem Hay, Hell and Booligal then you might decide not to visit this town.  Banjo wrote the poem when he was working as a solicitor, first published in 1896. 

It's a great town, maybe not so good in the heat of summer but when it's green and the temperature is moderate then it's a really interesting town.  Beautiful old buildings in the main street and some fabulous old homes, love to renovate a few that I saw, just don't want to move any further from the coast. 

We spent an hour or so at Shear Outback, a great place to learn all about Australia's wool industry and the part the humble shearer has played in our history.  Loved it!  Kids would really love this place, very hands on learning experience.

Don't dismiss the country areas of Australia, there is a lot to see.............and lots of kilometres to travel!  Take some time and explore New South Wales. 

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that shear gate. So cool.

The sheep sculptures would make great radiators for someone's home.

Loved the kangaroo shot on Facebook. We don't have "roos", but we did have a family of Florida deer in our yard tonight -- papa, mama and the twins. The twins still had their spots they were so young. So adorable, but too dark for me to get a picture. :-(