Starting to feel like home.....finally

One guest bedroom is looking more inviting..........anyone need a bed?  Great simple second-hand bed frame.  I love the retro tea trolley I found at Griffith Vinnie's recently.  The 'Gone Sailing' cushion I found locally and it's a shout out to Surfer Boy who is in the Navy.

Our dining room has a big old teak boardroom table that seats 8, found on Gumtree in Wagga.  We have 8 old teak Chiswell chairs from a Gumtree seller in Albury that need recovering, that will happen!

Lots of old thrifted pottery has been found, loving my retro 'RED' toaster and jug.

Thrifted watercolour found in Moruya, re-framed.

We slept on a mattress on the floor for quite a few months so this second-hand bed frame has made Dear Husband very happy, he was sick of grovelling around at floor level.  He is fairly tall!  I do enjoy sitting up in bed blogging too especially on cold winter mornings.

A great retro Parker corner table found on Gumtree in Batemans Bay.

A great little spot to sit and read and blog!  A favourite of mine!  The vintage Tessa leather lounger came as a bonus with the Tessa teak and leather lounge suite I found in Melbourne second-hand and had sent up to Griffith.  Vintage sheepskins and a mohair Onkaparinga travel rug all found at charity stores.

Main bathroom is so sunny and warm.

This is where I blog most of the time, right in the heart of our new home.  It has taken 6 months for me to start feeling at home here.  We didn't bring very much with us from our coast home so making our home homely has been a challenge for me that I'm starting to win.  

I noticed one of Australia's most clickable women bloggers Chantelle Ellem of FatMumSlim fame has asked bloggers to show her with a photo 'whereiblog' on twitter this week and that is how this post started.  Darling Daughter has also asked me a few times have I taken any photos inside our new house and I had to tell her "no", it wasn't ready to be captured in pixels just yet.  I hope this post makes her happy, she can see where we live now, one day she might even visit!  

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Anonymous said...

Your new home looks very inviting! I'm glad you are starting to feel "at home" in your new place.