iPhone on training wheels

Finally I have entered the modern world and I have my very own iPhone!  Second hand from Dear Husband!  This will shock some of my friends as they know I really don't like being contactable 24/7.  I haven't made any phone calls yet and can't see myself doing that unless it's an emergency.  I am texting very successfully. Loving the upgraded operating system, my iPod was getting a bit outdated.  

Donna and I spent 5 hours on Sunday putting our shop back together after taking almost everything to a fabulous fair in Wagga Wagga, so the shop is looking fantastic ready for the Christmas.  We met so many new customers and we have a whole lot of new Facebook 'likers', our little shop is almost 1 year old.

We've seen this elderly couple many, many times motoring up and down outside our little shop in Coolamon.  We wrongly assumed they had been married for decades.  Last Sunday they were married in the park opposite our shop and then did a lap of the main street on their motor scooter built for two all decked out for the occasion.  Very cute!  

I snapped this photo with my new phone using Instagram.  Another thing to fill in my days with!   The camera is pretty good!  Anyway I've added a Twitter and Instagram button to the sidebar of my blog for those who also use these social medias.  I did take my phone for a walk with Ruby and I yesterday and we used the Map My Run app to show Dear Husband how far and where we walk every day.  We walked 2.98km in 34 minutes, it was blowing a gale outside yesterday so Ruby was very lucky she even got a walk!  

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