It seems there is a Tiny Bear Advent happening at my house this year......

I came out this morning the 3rd of December to find these little bears of mine huddled around waiting for their Christmas gingerbread bears to cool. I especially love the bear oven glove!

Just a tiny bit of Christmas cheer for the young and young at heart.

Yesterday the 2nd of December I found them giving Santa a boost up so he could hang a Christmas wreath. Lots of paws make light work!

On Sunday morning the 1st of December, which happened to be my birthday I did notice the bears were up to something! When I had a closer look Roly and the Santa's were trying their hardest to hang a tiny strand of Christmas bells. Roly's little mate Bud was stabilising the upturned wooden bowl with Ted.

 I think there might be a little Christmas advent of sorts happening at my house while we sleep!

A bit of history about these tiny bears. 

They are very cute! All only 3" tall or smaller. I made all of them by hand many years ago. I must have sewn a little bit of my Christmas spirit into them because they are certainly getting excited about Christmas! I can't wait to get up every morning to see what they've been up to overnight.  

So much fun knowing your house is full of Christmas preparations even by the littlest residents.


Lisa xo

PS - You can check in every day and see what they are up to if you follow me on Instagram 'lisaplainjane' or use the button on my sidebar.  I promise I will keep this advent happening, sure to make someone's Christmas just a little bit brighter.

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