Christmas 2013 was a busy time and a happy time

A new smaller tree was up and decorated before December even started thanks to Darling Daughter.

Dear Husband and I have patchwork stockings

Darling Daughter and Surfer Boy have their very old felt stockings hanging out ready for Santa

The Christmas door mats are ready to welcome visitors

I went to a fabulous local production of A Christmas Carol.  It was a great night out, loved my front row seat so I could really see all the fantastic costumes.

Peppermint Bark.  Tick!

Darling Daughter came home with a Christmas ham from her employer.  Isn't that great.

I visited my dad and made sure he was ready for Christmas too.

Lots of present wrapping, especially at our little Kindrawares shop.

The 2013 Kindrawares collection of handmade Christmas decorations looked great on our stick tree.  

I decided to add a little bit of Christmas sparkle to my bed.  Why not!

This local Christmas decorating caught my eye while out walking Miss Ruby.  

Santa visits our village every Christmas morning distributing lollies and Christmas cheer to everyone.  Great effort by the local volunteer firies.  Notice the bag of lollies in the air heading towards the biggest kid in our house.........Dear Husband.

Breakfast table 

Lunch table.  Pine cones from my sisters farm and mini stockings knit by my Nana many years ago make our table a real family gathering.  

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