The Tiny Bear Advent did make it all the way to Christmas

16th December - These bears are very clever! I placed these new Christmas decorations on our tree last night and they seem to have borrowed them. Peace, Wish, Joy and Noël xo

17th December - These little bears are scallywags. I bought this Christmas Pudding scented candle only yesterday and overnight they have put it to good use toasting marshmallows! Sweet treats xo

18th December - A cracking time was had last night! While I was out at our street Christmas gathering the bears found my squirrel nut cracker and they managed to operate it. Cheers xo

19th December - The reason for the season. The little bears have managed to get themselves all costumed up and made their very own nativity........minus a few animals but you get the idea I'm sure.  Memories of the yearly school nativity play come flooding back. Peace xo

20th December - Wow, these little bears are truly amazing! Overnight they've assembled the gingerbread house kit I had hoped to get done over the weekend.  Looks so good I could eat it for breakfast!  Happy xo

21st December - A string of pretty Christmas lights has kept the bears busy for quite a while by the look of it. Hot work on a very hot night in Eastern Australia. No white Christmas looming for us! Sparkle xo

22nd December - I decided to leave a candy cane out on a plate for the little bears last night. I had one left over after making peppermint bark. They have worked so hard for three weeks I think they might they need a bit more energy for the last three nights before Christmas. Bliss xo

23rd December - The little bears are too clever. Now they've got onto my laptop and into my Pinterest account and found a pine cone decorating idea I had saved. Little pom poms stuffed into the spaces makes a great little tree for them. Love their tree topper! O Christmas tree xo

24th December - Oh no, my little bears are into the Christmas chocolates before me! Seems I may have sewn a bit of my chocolate addiction into each of them. Christmas is a time for sharing. Love xo

Christmas Eve - I'm heading off to bed and I just checked on the little bears. They all tucked up in bed, their stockings are hanging and they've put out a little plate of Christmas cake for Santa. T'was the night before Christmas xo

Christmas Day - I just snuck out to see if Santa had visited our house overnight and it seems he has. The little bears were off their table and scrambling around under the Christmas tree eager to find their presents. Merry Christmas everyone! xo

1st January - After a busy time preparing for Christmas it appears that my little bears like to let their fur down and party. I got up to our needy dog in the middle of the night because tourists were celebrating NYE with very loud fireworks at the beach to find a bit of celebrating going on in my house. They had invited half a dozen bear friends and they were all enjoying themselves around a little bowl filled with keys! Those naughty little bears aren't as wholesome as I once thought! Happy 2014 xo

Well after a very busy time in December it is time for the bears to go into a well deserved hibernation!

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