Starting to find my creative mojo again..........very happy about that!

I bought a new book last week and it has so many great small projects.  I've started with this small buttoned pouch with a hand crocheted flap.  I did it all by myself!  I can actually read a crochet pattern fairly easily now and it makes sense!  Hooray!  I plan to use vintage linen scraps to make the pouch.  Stay tuned for completed project photos.  Book available at Steph's Fabrics in Moruya.  

These are my felted slippers that I made way back in May 2010, they have served me well but in the last week or so I found they were threadbare in three places on the sole.  As the tops were still in great as new condition and my inability to locate the pattern I have got out my grandmothers sock darning mushroom and set to work.  See the freckly patches, I also couldn't find the matching wool so used a darker shade of the same brand and wove horizontal and vertical threads and then chucked them in a good hot soapy wash and felted them up again.  They now 'like new', I'm sure they'll last a few more seasons, maybe by then I will have found my pattern!  

This is my project that I've been plodding along with, since late January.  I took it to New Zealand as their are only two rows to remember.  I bought 150g of this Australian Wangaratta Woollen Mills 3ply laceweight pure wool on a cone at a thrift store for $1.50.  I had no idea how far it would go but a triangular shawl/scarf just keeps growing, I've used almost 100g now so about a third of the way to go.  I just have to decide when enough is enough and then do the border design and hopefully not run out of wool.  This pattern is called South Bay Shawlette and it's a free one from Lion Brand, available on Ravelry.  It can be crocheted out of any sort of yarn you have and is a really easy pattern to read and decipher, there are both row by row written instructions and a great diagrammatic pattern which I find the easiest to follow.


Susan said...

Lovely projects Lisa......and your slippers look like new again. I'm not very good at crochet, but I love seeing what everyone else can do.

Anonymous said...

Mojo indeed. Fixing the slippers is great. Good slippers are hard to part with.