Keeping myself busy and entertained in Winter

Today I had a haircut and then I thought I might treat myself to a movie before I do some grocery shopping.  I really am getting old, I can't read my iPhone easily without my glasses and I was exactly a month early for The Fault is in our Stars movie!  Not happy!  I know my friend in Perth, Western Australia saw it last weekend!  I read the book early last year and I'm ready to see it now!

This was my most recent movie treat and I really loved this film.

Saw this one with Dear Husband and it was an odd film but very entertaining.

I'm missing my Downton Abbey fix.  Might have to start watching the four series all over again, I must have missed things!

The second series of Mr Selfridge has just finished here in Australia and I quite like this one, love seeing all the fashions of the early 20th century.  

Sadly, this series has just finished too!  Really love the characters and story lines, set in Poplar in the desperately poor East End of London in the 1950's.  What am I going to watch?  It won't be the World Cup!

I finished Bella's Run today and it was an enjoyable read but a little bit too predictable.  I have started reading again after almost 12 months of not reading novels at all.  A couple of months ago I dug out my Kindle ereader and downloaded a book and just started to read and now I'm wondering why I ever stopped.  I love reading, it is pure escapism and a nice reward at the end of busy days to just read and relax before nodding off.  Do you read paper and ink books or are do you use an electronic reader?  I personally find my Kindle so easy to hold and read in bed I'm a convert.  Having said that I do still buy books that I seek out at our three local independent book stores and we do have a whole room in our house that is a dedicated library room, which is sadly in need of a good sort out!  

Really enjoyed this quirky book about man with Aspergers, efforts to find himself a wife.

Another great easy girly read.

I've finally read this book that everyone has been talking about for a long while and I did enjoy it.

I popped into my local book shop this week and thought this novel by a great Australian author Bryce Courtenay looked like a book I would enjoy reading.  It is set in the Riverina and apparently is based upon a real woman.  UPDATE 28th June - Book finished and I really did like this novel but the ending what you would imagine while turning the pages as fast as possible to find out what becomes of Jessica.  

This book very much appealed to me, I love eclectic decorating and the use of natural fibres, handmade furnishings and lots of wood was really appealing.

Saw these great quilting books too!  Quilt Me had some fabulous ideas using vintage linens in her quilts.  Right up my alley! Quilting Happiness was just that some lovely bright modern quilt patterns.

This wonderful pile of vintage linens was gifted to me last week and there are some absolutely gorgeous pieces of handmade goodness in there.  Lucky me!

I don't mind winter time at all, gives me an excuse to watch movies, enjoy television series, read  good books and get creative in my sewing room.  


Anonymous said...

Just put the Rosie Project in my TBR file on Goodreads! Looks like a good one.

Might have to try Me Before You too.

Zara said...

Oh that's annoying that The Fault in our Stars is not out at your local cinema. It's a lovely movie.
All those vintage linens look amazing, are you going to cut into them I wonder.
I'm off to check out the Modern Rustic book. x