Fifty candles for The Traveller

At the beginning of July these four siblings got together on the Gold Coast to celebrate the big 50 for the younger brother.  I've known him for half of his life and in that time he has clocked up an amazing number of travel miles all over the world, he is a restless soul who seems to love exploring and meeting new people in all corners of the world.  The Traveller has always been the family clown as you can see by their family portrait in the 1960's and he didn't disappoint at his birthday shoot.  He had a couple of birthday beers before I shot 24 photos in 5 minutes before his party started.  Through the viewfinder I didn't see he was up to mischief!

I have a great in-law family, really enjoy spending time with them all.  

The day before the big birthday was my MIL's birthday.  It was a very busy day preparing for a party, you can see tables being assembled in the background.  I found time to cook her a birthday sponge for afternoon tea which wan't my best ever.  I can blame working in a different kitchen, but the lack of height was due mostly to the baking powder being 8 years out of date, discovered after sponge was baked.  Still tasted good with mulberry jam and cream.  

Dear Husband and I had time to visit MovieWorld.  Yes, we are big kids!

The Green Lantern coaster was one I didn't try, not keen on being upside down.

The Parade was great, forgot to take photos.

 Arkham Asylum was also one I didn't try!

Superman was helping with the Escape.

Here you can see a Dear Husband looking very wet.  The Wild West Falls ride 1 - Us 0!  It wasn't the warmest day so once we got saturated it wasn't as much fun.  

The long legs on the left are Dear Husbands, he had just eaten a hot dog, not a good plan when riding the Batman Spaceshot ride.

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Anonymous said...

I bet he is fun to be around. Happy 50th to him.