Ganmain Show 2014

Donna and I were invited to take a tableful of Kindrawares goodies to the Ganmain Show Ladies Marquee.  

We got busy and made some new stock.

A gloriously sunny winters day.

You can fit a surprising amount on one foldup table.

Quirky, modern, inexpensive giftware is our thing.

We even sold two cookbooks to Mr October 2002!  Who would have thought!

A very talented sand sculptor worked all day on this masterpiece.

Gorgeous Miss Junior Showgirl 2014.

Old Kentucky Animal Farm brought the most beautiful selection of baby animals I have ever seen.

Dagwood Dogs, Fairly Floss, Dodgem Cars, Giant Dippers and all that Side Show Alley can offer was there.

Nervous sheep awaiting the quick shear competition.

Clydesdales, show jumping, dog showing and working dog trials, lots to see and do.

The Ganmain Pie Eating Competition was one by a very competitive local farmer who takes his pie eating training very seriously.  

The pavillion was filled to capacity this year, my favourite part of a country show.

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Anonymous said...

I love the sheep sand sculpture. That is too funny!

Glad you had such a wonderful day for your fair. :-)