A big catchup

More than a month has gone by with no blogging.  I haven't even turned on my laptop since early September.  There were hundreds of emails to download, my antiviral needed to update and I transferred 215 photos from my phone so now it's time for a well overdue blog update. Maybe several blog posts will be needed!

My Dixie Charm shawl made from gorgeous sock yarn I bought on my VIC travels in August.  So soft and drapey.  Loved working with this rainbow of colours, especially love the crab stitch border. 

Cloudy is my stitching assistant most days, she loves getting involved in everything.  Not very helpful most of the time.  She's just turned one and is a real chatterbox.

Felted woollen jumpers made into brooches, fun to make and lovely to wear.

Drying off after a swim in her big bath.

 I taught a lovely group of rural women how to make these brooches, success, they all managed to complete one to take home.

Last fire for the winter, these two will miss their evenings indoors.

Made this cowl of chains from a skein of handspun wool I picked up at the Finders Keeper market in Melbourne.  

My favourite Dr Marten shoes, my winter uniform.

Miss Ruby is a constant companion.

I bought one ball of Noro Silk Garden at Steph's in Moruya and made a spring cowl, perfect between season.  

I've made two batches of lemon butter recently, great staple to have in the fridge.  Beautiful on  plain cheesecake or icecream.

Time to get the vege garden started for spring and summer produce.  The first spears of asparagus have sprouted.

A gorgeous sketch of Miss Ruby by a very talented Twitter friend.  Will have to frame it to go with the two others she has done from photos I've posted of my dog on Twitter.  So lifelike!

My last winter Jellywares yarn club, Noro Taiyo was made up into a Queen Anne Lace scarf.  I made some modifications to have more loops and a bit fuller and firmer design.  Love how this has turned out.  Now to work out what to make from my first spring yarn club parcel which has two lovely cottons to work with.  

I completed this set of eight cotton coasters yesterday and I hope they are the right green. 

Also visited this fabulous brand new shop in our town, Fleur and Christine have excelled themselves.  Visit them in Ford Street, Moruya, you won't be disappointed.  I started my Christmas shopping!

"Don't shake!"

At last summer is here and Miss Ruby is so happy to have caught her first wave of the season.  


Stitched Together said...

What a lovely lot photos to catch up on. I love that shawl. I don't normally look at crochet patterns for shawls as I love knitting lace so much, but that will be perfect for a large ball of 4 ply cotton I've got, so thanks for sharing.

Lisa Ashton said...

My friend Dee posted this lovley comment but with a slip of the finger I deleted it. Ooops! Sorry Dee!

You have been a very busy stitcher! Gorgeous projects all.

I would LOVE to have a play date with Miss Ruby. She looks like a very good beach companion.
omment but with a slip of the finger I deleted it. Ooops!

catherine roberts said...

Love your shawl,I just spun up two skeins of similiar colors and wondering what I could do with it,maybe this one could be it!! Love your journal