Wish this was in my town

We went on a road trip last week and we found this along the way,  The Benalla Ceramic Mural was only recently completed having begun in 1983.  It is said to be 'the largest community artwork in Australia'.  It is a visual feast, so much to take in and you would find something new every time you visit it I'm certain.  

You can see the pipes of the Thongaphone curving over the edge.

Inside that hole was this gorgeous rich design below, lit by a glass ceiling above.  So many nook and crannies to explore.

The walls inside the verandah area was covered in all these different handmade textured ceramic tiles.   

It was cloudy and cold day and my photos haven't really done this amazing artwork a lot of justice but believe me it is spectacular in real life.  I found a blog post written by a young Benalla local blogger Vanessa Bowen and her photos show you a few more of the really special areas of the mural. Worth stopping if you are travelling down the Hume Highway to Melbourne, it's right next to the lake and museum in the middle of town.  Kids would love exploring allover this public artwork.

My village is about to embark on a mosaic project for our public toilets, maybe this artwork might inspire the team of people involved.  

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Anonymous said...

Love the red man with the bird.

That is quite a public art installation! :-)