A little shop update and Christmas preparations

Almost time to head out to our little shop in Coolmon.  It's a shame that it's so far away from my coast home but luckily I do love a drive in the countryside.  Our little shop is looking all beautiful ready for some good spring trading, we are also gearing up for a couple of days out in Wagga Wagga Wagga selling all things Kindrawares at the Childrens Medical Research Institute Christmas Fair next week.  We love this outing, we meet so many great customers in Wagga and we hope we'll see them again out at our shop.  This fair is a fabulous place to begin your Christmast shoppin, so much to choose from and all very high quality stalls.  I'll be starting mine! Actually I have bought one present already.

We love our ty old Speedwell in our front window as do many passers by who pop their heads in to ask if it's for sale.  It's not, it's only on loan to us from Donna's MIL.  

Time to start working on a very special collection of handmade Christmas tree decorations for our little shop this year.  I love making handmade Christmas things, but you need to start early to get them all done!  The little heart design evolved from trial and error, I'm better at working from a photo of a finished item than actually reading a patttern.

The creative director needed a chest rub before the snowflake making session began last night.

She's happy and so am I!  I found this little snowflake pattern over at Attic24 blog.

The stacks of hearts and snowflakes are steadily growing.

One very secret present for one very special person this Christmas.  

I bought it at Dowry in Moruya, an absolute treasure trove of handmade goodness.

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Anonymous said...

As always, your shop looks adorable. Hard to believe that it's time to get ready for Christmas. This year is running by far too quickly.