My Vintage Hues Bohemian Oasis

I know it's been months between blog posts, not sure why.........just because.  I do promise you I haven't lost my creative mojo though!  I have been busy most days with hook or needles.  This blanket was made in 45 days and I love it.....a lot.  Before you's not for sale!


Six years ago I stashed quite a few balls of now discontinued Cleckheaton Vintage Hues 12 ply pure wool in four different colourways.

Lots of photos down at my local beach last weekend on a cloudy evening minutes before the sun set.

The back looks pretty good too!

The pattern inspiration I used was Bohemian Oasis, a free pattern from Drops freely available on Ravelry.  The pattern uses a much, much finer wool, the blocks are joined differently and the border was lacy but I made my own version.  I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 10 ply Luxury in denim blue shade to join and border the whole blanket.  I used my very favourite crab stitch edging again.

The first ball of each colour  made 20 of the 100 blocks.

The piles of blocks are growing.  So much fun seeing what colours come out in these blocks.

An alternating flat braid double crochet (UK) join.

Blocking in the sunshine, 135cm x 135cm of woolly goodness.

Bring on the cold weather!


Sylvia said...

Looks lovely Lisa. Wish I had a bit more time to crochet. There are too many other things to make. I just noticed I had made this pattern in the 70s with homespun wool. The blanket is sitting over a chair here.

Susan said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lisa. It's one of the best crochet blankets I've seen, love the moodiness of the colours. I have dabbled in crochet but not enough to attempt something this lovely. Well done.........and nice to see you back.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

that is just so lovely Lisa! Don't you just love the colours at sunset...we went down to the beach last year to take pics of a quilt and the colours were just amazing!