Seven stripes to go on my Blooming Stripes blanket

When I saw the email from Bendigo Woollen Mills showcasing a new pure wool yarn I knew I wanted to make a big blanket using eight of the nine available colours.  I ordered a ball of each that day and then began designing my blanket.  I wanted to try a striped blanket after my last one of 100 squares and all that joining.  Bloom is a variegating wool that has nice long sections of of dark, medium and light shades of a rich colour so I decided on a queen size topper blanket approximately 180cm square would be perfect.  I choose the shell stripes pattern from a Jan Eaton's 200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets I have owned for many years hoping I would one day learn to crochet.  I did a test run with hooks and chain lengths and got started.  I weighed balls and my work after every 2 rows so I had an idea of yarn usage.  I did some more calculating and with the aid of the Biscuits and Jam random stripe generator tool I had my design worked out.  I settled on stripe widths and ordered 4 more balls of wool now I knew exactly ow much yarn my blanket would take to complete.

A snap of the stripe generator pattern I settled on.

So keen to see all the colours used once, I crocheted faster and faster.

Finally all the colours.

I wanted new hooks because my with my wonky finger I just wasn't comfortable or able to really crochet quickly and effortlessly with my Clover Soft Touch hooks.  I found this rainbow set of Clover Amour locally and boy can I crochet fast now and in complete comfort!  Highly recommend these hooks to anyone.  You can buy them individually or in a set.

Growing and looking very Mexican fiesta-ish.

I sit in bed most nights working away, just a few rows every day and it's growing steadily, won't be long and I'll be cosy and warm under my cheery blanket.

I never thought I would ever love crochet but I really do now!

*please excuse the poor quality iPhone photos in this post

Today I searched for a pattern similar to mine to share with you all and I found this lovely Oceanic Baby Blanket pattern that comes in ten sizes.  Amazingly their QS design has exactly the same number of chains in the starting chain, 332 which was a bit painful to count and get the first row correctly set up.   A free pattern in US crochet terms. 


Julie Maloney Handmade said...

This is gorgeous Lisa. Well done. xo

Susan said...

Another stunner Lisa, it will be so snuggly to use in winter.

Anonymous said...

Love your happy colors! That's a very attractive pattern too.