Bread baking and sourdough making

I made my first loaf of basic white bread with the help of my Thermomix 4 weeks ago, it was good.

The second with some bread improver added exploded out of the tin.

This sunflower and pepita loaf could have done with a some bread improver.

I discovered Alexandra Alice's cheats sourdough youtube video , it's a great recipe to follow.

It turns out consistent good sourdoughish loaves.

 A dear friend sent me some of her Philomena sourdough in flake format, now the fun really begins.

Philomena is frothing and ready to go after a few days of fermenting.

It was cold last night so she had to sit beside the wifi modem overnight.

Two loaves, the cheats sourdough on the left and my first Philomena on the right.

Philomena is a little flat but with a little tweaking I'm going to get this sourdough making sorted.

It's been great fun, it's pretty easy to achieve, it tastes so good, has a nice chewy crust and full of holey bacterial goodness.

Here is is a very interesting article about the benefits of eating sourdough by Daniel Reid's website that my sourdough baking friend shared with me.  You might want to give it a go.

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than home made bread. It makes the house smell SO good.