Pear shaped

The young farming mum, Jo Langtry who made my barbed wire Waratah that my sister gave me for my birthday recently discovered I had shown it off on my blog. The artist apparently knows my friend Heather down here at the coast and they got chatting and 'isn't it a small world' my blog was mentioned and yep it was her work. I have asked my sister to organise a few more Waratahs and a big barbed ball to spear them into to make a more sculptured display of Jo's work. She's run out of barbed wire so it will be a few weeks away but she did send this lovely photo of a 7 foot high pear to my sister, love it, she's also working on pear gates, now I'd really like to see them. This artist was once an accountant what a waste of her creative talent, bet she's glad she went and learnt to weld and design. Anyway I still don't have all her details for you but I will get them, Jo and my sister are having a Christmas party tonight, they belong to the same Ag n Chat group, farming wives who are eager to learn and support each other in all aspects of rural life.


Rhonda said...

I absolutely love the pear. She did a great job.

heather said...

What a talented lady Jo is.
Love the pear,and everything else I have
seen of her work is so creative.
Hope you don't have to wait too long for you order Lisa, Jo was saying she keeps getting called to do farm work, when she should be working on your order!!