A family

Dear Husband Year 6 1972

Me Year 6 1978

Surfer Boy Year 6 2004

Darling Daughter Year 6 2006

Last week my mother-in-law sent a small envelope full of boyhood photos of Dear Husband, her firstborn. I'd never seen any of them before, I can now see the similarities he shares with his two children. The photos were from a couple of months of age through to 12 years. I dug around and came up with all of our Year 6 school photos, we were all around 12 years old. I've scanned all the new/old photos and backed up the hard drive to an external hard drive today, so many photos that I don't want to lose. One day I'll get around to scanning all of our childhood photos before they fade away or get more damaged.


Meg said...

Going by these pics, both your cherubs are more like you! :)

Anonymous said...

Surfer boy looks a lot like you and darling daughter favors your husband, I think.

In any case, y'all make a CUTE family.

Gnat said...

What a great post!! Love it!! You can see both of you in your kids.

Adrienne said...

Wow, Surfer Boy reminds me of your Dad in this pic!

Mandi said...

You were soooooo cute...no wonder hubby fell for you