Filati felting

Picked this knitting magazine up recently.  I've bought a few copies of Filati Handkitting in the past but this one with the gladioli on the cover really caught my eye.  As a designer of knitted and felted bags I was pleased to see a felted bag on the cover and there a few more felted projects in the magazine too.  The cutest one is a small felted stuffed toy fish, might even try this out with my new crochet skills so I can show you how cute it is.   I have personally thought felting had probably had it's day, now maybe I am not Germany at least!  Other than the felting the magazine is full of great home wares projects, very contemporary and stylish.  Worth a look if you can still find Issue 46 on the shelves near you.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you are back in blog land.
Love reading your entries.
I am getting into crochet and loving it. Heather x