complete, finished and a winner! I've just returned from the weekly grocery trip..............yuck, but at least I could wear a new cardi to town this week. It is a cold blowy day here on the coast and it was really nice to have wool and silk keeping me warm, I felt sorry for those bustling around in acrylic today. I managed to knit this cardi out of 11 balls of Cleckheaton Country Silk that is apparently discontinued which is a shame because it knits well and there were some great colours in it...............always the way isn't it! The neck line on this cardi is a boat neck which could be lowered a little at the front with some short row shaping to make it fit a little better..............might have a go at that one day, overall this was a good pattern to knit with a few modifications for slightly finer wool. My teenage daughter was the photographer this time due to my arms being way too short to photograph myself as you've noticed before, please ignore the fact that I need liposuction to my extra chin.


Anonymous said...

Your cardi turned out lovely. With that color you could wear it with almost any outfit.

Congratulations on the finish.

Weather here? HOT! VERY HOT! Don't need a cardi (or any clothes) here this week. But never fear, we are indeed dressed.

Meg said...

Such a cute cardi, looks great.

Gnat said...

Love the new cardi!! it looks great!!